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The new International Centre for Manufacture by Printing — icmPrint — brings together leading industry organisations to create a comprehensive resource centre for best practices, technical advice, training and the underlying science, along with innovation development for products where printing plays an essential role in their manufacture. The scope includes all printing processes — offset, flexo, gravure, screen, pad, ink jet, aerosol and 3D — and their associated technologies for applications ranging from publication, packaging, security, fabrics, ceramics, product decoration, polymer electronics, and biosensors to wearable technology, etc.

The icmPrint centre combines the Print Process Champions’ generic best practices platform with the Advancing Printing Network created by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating within Swansea University’s College of Engineering.

  • Print Process Champions (PPC) is an international platform that collects, structures and publishes generic best practices for all printing processes — from prepress to postpress, materials and logistics. Best practices are fundamental tools to optimise quality, reliability, and economic and environmental performance. The platform hosts contributions from printers, suppliers, universities, and industry institutions.
  • The Advancing Printing Network (APN) was established by the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating (WCPC) to provide access to its expertise and experience for the printing industry. The WCPC is a long established research centre within Swansea University’s College of Engineering. It has an international reputation in fundamental and applied research into printing as a manufacturing process. It has focussed on the underlying science and understanding of volume printing processes and is a major player in the application of printing to innovative concepts like 3D printing, printed electronics, smart packaging and health care.

Their combination improves and diversifies resources and networks to provide pertinent services and benefits with optimised costs.

Both the Print Process Champions ( and the Advancing Print Network on the WCPC website ( ) will be maintained while a new combined site is developed.

icmPrint Associate

Associateship is open to printers, suppliers, institutions and companies that want to extend their understanding and application of printing manufacturing within an expert network at a relatively low cost. It will include:

Access to highly competent scientists, technicians and specialists.
Associate help and advice line.
Participation in new research and best practice projects.
Monthly technology webinars and regular workshops.
PPC European Best Practice Symposium.
WCPC Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
Associate library of R&D studies and reports.
Free downloads of guides, reports and posters in multiple languages.
Newsletter updates on science, technology and best practices
Reduced rates for services, courses, etc.
Promotion at international exhibitions and on the icmPrint website.

Associates will benefit from projects currently being run by WCPC and Print Process Champions. These include best practice projects on Optimised Paper Handling and Logistics, Lean and Green Sustainable Printing Plants, and underpinning science projects on flexo, gravure and screen printing, characterisation of printing inks, and applications projects to packaging, graphics, printed electronics and biosensors.

Associateship makes a bold statement about a company and the individuals who take an active network role. Benefits include being at the leading edge to improve products through a better understanding of processes and raw materials, access to best practices based on sound scientific principles, access to expert resources, encouraging excellence from suppliers, delivering products to the right standards and fostering innovation.

During the transition icmPrint will be based at Swansea University in the UK. Its directors are Prof. Tim Claypole and David Gethin (WCPC), Nigel Wells (PPC) with management team from the UK, France, Germany and Italy. 

As well as the technology and best practise, the icmPrint is working with partners to create the International Print Academy. This will provide modern training appropriate for the needs of all applications of printing technology. This is derived from the WCPC extensive experience of integrated course development at all levels.

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