The next webinar for associates/members is on the last Thursday in March i.e. 31st.  the details are:
Title: Extensional rheology and flexographic print uniformity
Presenter: Miles Morgan
The established roll-to-roll printing process of flexography has huge potential for the production of low-cost, high volume printed electronic devices. However as print uniformity is critical in printed electronics, realisation of this potential requires a greater understanding of the causes of non-uniformity in flexographic printing. This challenge is compounded by the often complex rheology of printing inks and the extensional flows present during the flexographic process. The present work explores these issues with a particular focus on extensional rheology.


The next open Webinar will be on Monday the 4th of April at 2:30 by Dr. Haylay Brown of Plasmaquest on Remote Plasma Deposition – Redefining high quality coatings



Plasma Quest Ltd (PQL) provides thin film materials and process solutions that cannot be met by current deposition technologies. Our unique plasma generation process enables high rate, exceptional quality coating of many different materials at normally ambient temperature.


The proprietary sputtering technology known as High Target Utilisation Sputtering (HiTUS) has benefits over conventional techniques. HiTUS does not generate the plasma from the target but utilises remotely generated high density plasma providing full target erosion with high current densities over the full target surface. The process allows close control of the deposition rate which can reach up to 100nm/min for Al2O3 for 10 cm diameter targets.


Full target erosion eradicates the known racetrack effect, eliminating process instabilities (related to a reactive process) and rate drifts associated with the racetrack formation, resulting in a very stable reactive process without the need for reactive gas feedback loops. As the plasma is not generated from the target, this allows independent control of plasma density and ion energy.


The unique HiTUS technology also provides deposition onto delicate substrates (PMMA, BOPP, PEN, PET etc.) whilst maintaining excellent quality coatings with good adhesion at high deposition rate


The technology is being used for both R&D and production in many applications; these include magnetic media, GMR sensors, fully transparent high mobility TFTs on plastic substrates, photonics and precision optics, waveguides, electroluminescent devices and decorative coatings.

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